Red Ants Pants Music Festival Boosts Montana Communities with $21,000 in Grants
Festival proceeds enhance community initiatives and foster leadership development
The annual Red Ants Pants Music Festival takes place at the end of July each summer, marking a significant event in the county. The festival draws a large number of attendees who are excited about the music, vendors, and activities, making it a cherished event for many. However, less is known about how the proceeds from the festival are used. The proceeds from the 2023 Red Ants Pants Music Festival amounted to approximately $21,000, all paid out in community grants to benefit enriching Montana organizations. The Red Ants Pants Foundation, supported by funds from the annual Red Ants Pants Music Festival, distributes grants to individuals and organizations that advance our mission. These grants are targeted at projects that enhance and support rural communities. To date, through eleven grant cycles, the Foundation has distributed over $180,000 to more than 100 recipients across Montana. Eligible applicants must have missions and values that align with the Foundation's objectives and must show that the grant will be utilized to further the Foundation's mission and values. This year, 14 different organizations were chosen by the Red Ants Pants Foundation, including one program local to Meagher County. Brovold Community Orchard of Alberton received $1,000. Women in Ranching in Browning were awarded $3,000. Choteau Community Partners and Forsyth Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture each got $1,500. StrongHer Together in Fort Benton received $2,500, and the Havre Art and Beautification Committee was granted $2,000. The Winnett Agricultural Community Enhancement, Troy Farmers Market, River Arts & Books, and Fort Peck Tribal Elves of Poplar were also among the grant recipients. In White Sulphur Springs, the MSU-Extension of Meagher County received $500 for its upcoming leadership program, Leadership47. Now with extra funding behind it, Leadership47 is intended to be an extensive local leadership development program that is part of the broader Big Sky, Big Leadership initiative. The program's primary goal is to develop leadership skills among its participants, equipping them to become effective leaders within their community. Through a series of activities and workshops, participants will deepen their understanding of leadership principles, strategic thinking, and effective communication. Additionally, Leadership47 offers a valuable networking platform, allowing participants to connect with other community members who are equally dedicated to leadership and community service. All in all, the Red Ants Pants Music Festival not only draws a large number of attendees each summer but also plays a significant role in supporting rural communities through its proceeds. The 2023 festival generated approximately $21,000, which was distributed in community grants to benefit various Montana organizations. This year, 14 organizations received funding, including the MSU-Extension of Meagher County's Leadership47 program, which aims to develop leadership skills among participants. The festival's contributions highlight its ongoing commitment to community development and support across the state. Photo via Red Ants Pants Foundation on Instagram (@redantspantsfoundation).