Revival of Heritage
Ringling Church continues new chapter as event venue in 2024.
The Ringling Church, established in 1914, served as the spiritual home for the St. John's Catholic Congregation until its sale in the early 1980s. Post-sale, the church underwent extensive deconstruction of its basic framework. Ownership transitioned several times, with various preservation attempts focused on the bell tower and adjacent parsonage. Now restored to its former glory, the church is reopening its doors once again as an elegant event venue with the onset of the warm season. Recognizing the historical value behind the structure, in 2021, a coalition of local stakeholders acquired the church with the vision of revitalizing this unique property. Understanding its potential as a landmark for weddings, rental stays, musical performances, and community events, the Ringling Commons proprietors are dedicated to both conserving the structure's integrity and providing a venue for communal engagement. The Ringling Church has been utilized as a venue for weddings in the first years of its reopening. Additionally, last August, the halls of the Ringling Church were once again filled with music and a congregation, as the building housed a Baroque-style music concert for the community. This year, the Ringling Church is kicking off the spring season by hosting a distinctive group for a leadership retreat. This week, the Ringling Church welcomed Leadership Montana into its large doors to house the premier initiative. Marked by specific programming with the intent to aid in Montana’s future and decision-making, Leadership Montana guides its members through simple coursework to solidify skills concerning management, influence, and resolution expertise. With a specific focus on service and awareness, Leadership Montana works to assist the state’s residents as developments and challenges unfold. The Ringling Church, esteemed for its distinctive historical importance and steadfast commitment to preservation, stands as an exceptional venue for a wide spectrum of gatherings. As it embarks on a new chapter in Meagher County, the Ringling Church is poised to become a distinguished destination for assorted events. It not only beckons groups and tourists but also embodies the enduring spirit of the community, offering a window into the area's storied past and inviting participation in its vibrant future. Photo via Ringling Commons Instagram (@ringlingchurch).