School Board Election Results
Manger, Hanson, Jenkins Top Field
In the recent local school board election, community members re-elected incumbents Ian Manger and Robert (Bob) Hanson to serve another term, with Manger garnering 372 votes and Hanson securing 293. The race was contested, with challengers Jen Brandt, Tamra Bears, and Krisanne Morgan vying for seats as well.
The turnout for the election was encouraging, with over 500 residents participating, demonstrating a strong commitment to civic engagement. Despite the competition, Manger and Hanson's victory underscores their continued trust and support within the community.
Alongside the re-election of Manger and Hanson, Paul Jenkins earned the sole one-year term seat, contributing to a diverse representation in local governance given his background as an administrator.
As we reflect on the election results, it's important to recognize the significance of public service in our society. We extend our appreciation to all candidates who put themselves forward for leadership roles. Their dedication to serving their community embodies the spirit of democracy and reinforces the values of civic responsibility that are integral to our collective well-being.