Swift Response Mitigates Fire at Bonzana Creek Ranch
Fire preludes Meagher County summer as rainfall dwindles.
With summer officially beginning, and no rainfall in the foreseeable forecast, it is likely that fire danger will begin to climb once again within Meagher County. Just last week a fire was reported within the county. On Saturday, June 15, flames caused by lighting were reported near Martinsdale Montana, causing damage at a popular guest ranch. In the early hours of the morning, lightning struck a cabin located on the Bonzana Creek Ranch where an unsuspecting Judy Parks was sleeping. Parks, although likely dazed, acted quickly and utilized a nearby fire extinguisher in an attempt to quell the flames. However, her attempts were not enough to completely smother the flames, but they did give Parks enough time to alert others nearby. After becoming aware of the fire, the Bonzana Creek Ranch Crew (Pam, Jenn, Justin, and Rose) quickly jumped into fighting the fire. At approximately 5:30, Vance Voldseth, as well as Jason and Tucker Glick, also joined in on the small, yet mighty house fire battle. The Martinsdale Volunteer Fire Department soon arrived on the scene to aid in the eventual stamping out of the fire. The Bonzana Creek Ranch is a well-known guest ranch that hosts numerous retreats and visitors in its beloved cabins. During the summers, the guest ranch stays consistently occupied, inviting many individuals to enjoy what Meagher County has to offer through the ranch experience and aesthetic views. With a busy schedule, the staff at Bonzana Creek Ranch worked quickly to replace what was damaged by the fire. New water heaters and items such as washers had to be replaced following the strike that traveled from building to building. The flames also damaged phone lines and Wifi at the ranch, requiring additional help from Triangle Communications to placate the issue. The recent fire in Meagher County highlights the increasing fire danger as summer begins and dry conditions persist. The prompt actions of Judy Parks, the Bonzana Creek Ranch Crew, local volunteers, and the Martinsdale Volunteer Fire Department played a crucial role in addressing the fire. Despite the significant damage to Bonzana Creek Ranch, the staff's efforts, along with assistance from Triangle Communications, facilitated a swift recovery. This event emphasizes the importance of preparedness and community support in managing and recovering from unfortunate emergencies caused by adverse weather. Photo via June Voldseth on Facebook.