Summer Sessions
New class offerings at Stone Temple Fitness and Spa for the coming months.
Despite Adult Education’s free classes being paused for the months of May and June, some instructors are continuing classes at the Stone Temple Fitness and Spa. Only one offering is continuing from the past, while another new session is being added at an additional cost. Nonetheless, the fitness center is ongoing in its efforts to support community health and physical fitness into the summer months. In the months of May and June, Stone Temple Fitness Instructor Taryn Clark will be continuing her Wednesday and Thursday morning ‘Boot Camp’ fitness classes. These classes are the only continued physical fitness endurance and strength training programs that will be available to the public in the months of May and June. However, a new program from a fresh face is now being presented to the community. Morgan Fairchild, who recently graduated from the Nexus Institute for Yoga and Wellness in Costa Rica, is a Certified Yoga Teacher who is now instructing weekly classes at the Stone Temple Fitness and Spa. Fairchild welcomes all skill levels to her classes and has two different classes. Fairchild's ‘Vinyasa Flow’ classes started on May 10 and May 11. Now, this week, Fairchild hosted a ‘Slow Flow’ class on Wednesday, May 15, and will be holding the same class on Friday, May 24 at 6:00 p.m. She will also be teaching her Vinyasa Flow class again on Saturday, May 25 at 10 a.m. Although Fairchild’s first class was free, there is now a cost associated with the relaxing and nourishing yoga sessions. For sign-up and pricing, Morgan Fairchild is available via email ( or phone (406-557-6622). Additionally, for those in search of a smaller session or different time slot, Fairchild is also open to requests for further scheduling. Stone Temple Fitness and Spa is adapting to the temporary summer pause of the Adult Education program by offering alternative fitness classes for the continued physical well-being of the community. Taryn Clark's Boot Camp classes will proceed on their regular schedule, and Morgan Fairchild is expanding the available class options with her Vinyasa Flow and Slow Flow yoga sessions. While the initial Vinyasa Flow class was offered free of charge, the new sessions will be available for a fee. Participants interested in the classes should contact Fairchild, Clark, or Stone Temple Fitness directly for the most current information on scheduling and pricing.