The Multimillion-Dollar Legacy of the Doggett Ranch
Camas Creek Cattle Company makes history with a sale of over $50 million.
Located around 30 minutes from White Sulphur Springs, the Doggett Ranch has been in the same family since the 1900s. In close proximity to the historic Fort Logan and displaying a beautiful landscape, the family ranch within Meagher County has recently sold for a groundbreaking amount of money. Around a year ago, Jock and Jamie Doggett placed the generational ‘Camas Creek Cattle & Sheep Company’ on the market. The couple, owners and operators of the ranch, do not have any children, meaning that there is no immediate heir to take over the family business. The sale of the ranch in early May 2024 marks one of the most expensive ranch deals in the history of Montana. Moreover, the record for the priciest Montana ranch deal was set three years ago, in 2021, with an impressive sale of the Beaverhead Ranch in Dillon for approximately $200 million. Although a margin behind the record, the Doggett Ranch sold for over $50 million (listed as $58.75 million), making history within Meagher County. The Doggett Ranch, historically, runs about 1,800 head of cattle, adding to the vibrant ranching scene within the region. Clocking in at around 30,000 acres, the ranch has approximately 4,300 acres under a conservation easement, over seven miles of a small river running through it, two reservoirs, several smaller creeks, and an added three houses on the property. A long-time ranch owner has recently purchased the historic Meagher County property. Steve Rooney, a Wisconsin native and previous owner of the large Precision Pipeline company, remains committed to the agricultural industry despite the majority of his earnings rooted in the gas and oil pipeline industry. Currently a consultant for the pipeline industry and part-time agricultural producer, Rooney also has dabbled in the dairy and soybean industry in addition to his ranching escapades. Rooney plans to keep the Camas Creek Cattle Company as a cattle operation with a special focus on raising Angus bulls. The acquisition of the historic Doggett Ranch by Steve Rooney marks a significant transition for this storied piece of Montana's agricultural heritage. While the sale sets a new benchmark in the state's ranching real estate market, it also symbolizes the ongoing evolution of land stewardship in the region. The impact of this transition on the local community and economy remains to be seen, and it will be a point of interest for stakeholders and observers alike as they watch the ranch's progression under its new stewardship. Photo via Swan Land Company Instagram (@swanlandcompany).