Scouts' Summer Kickoff
Local Cub Scout Pack to host community BBQ and Bingo Night as fundraiser.
Despite the adverse weather residents experienced last week, the region seems to be moving steadily towards warmer temperatures and summer events. With both graduation and Memorial Weekend fast approaching, many are organizing events in anticipation of summer fun. One local organization, the Cub Scouts, is hosting a night with dinner, games, and other activities for the community. The Boy Scouts of America, which will soon be renamed Scouting America, has six ranks for individuals to participate in. The Cub Scouts includes both boys and girls ages Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. The mission of the organization is to prepare growing children to make informed ethical and moral choices through leadership and character activities in the program. Cub Scouts are intended to walk away with the benefits of being trustworthy, respectful, strong, helpful, and courageous. Cub Scouts generally participate in activities that are age-appropriate such as games, skits, songs, trips, stunts, outdoor activities, and service projects. These activities not only offer fun and enjoyment, but also promote community involvement, social engagement, and a sense of achievement. Celebrating their commitment to community involvement, the Cub Scouts will be hosting a “BBQ and Bingo Night” over Memorial Day Weekend. On Saturday, May 25, from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m., the local Cub Scouts (Pack No. 213), will be serving dinner, holding a raffle, and bingo games. The BBQ and Bingo Night will be held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and will require a ticket for attendance. All tickets from the event will go directly to the local Cub Scout Pack to support them in their future endeavors. The tickets can be purchased at Twin Sisters Trading Co., Meagher Motor, or Rooney’s Quality Construction for $20. The tickets will allow attendees the hearty meal of pulled pork and numerous other sides along with three bingo cards. There will also be door prizes and a 50/50 raffle at the Cub Scout event. The Cub Scout's BBQ and Bingo Night, organized by Pack No. 213, is aimed at engaging local residents and supporting the pack's activities. The event allows Scouts to participate in planning and execution, providing them with an opportunity to develop organizational skills. The gathering also functions as a fundraiser, with proceeds intended to benefit the pack's future programs and events. In bringing together members of the county, the event plays a role in community building while aligning with the broader objectives of the Boy Scouts of America.