Harvesting Safety
Local MSU Extension Office to host Progressive Farm Safety Day for youth.
Meagher County is filled with numerous facets of agriculture. From large amounts of cattle to a multitude of crops, the region continues to produce large amounts of differentiated products. With agricultural productions, safety plays a large role in maintaining a steady supply of readily available rural products. As the next generation of the workforce begins to develop, the local Montana State University (MSU) Extension Office sees a need for education to take on the future safely. The Meagher County MSU Extension Office has become a large organizer of educational events for rural residents—especially regarding agriculture. Next week, the Meagher County MSU Extension Office will host the first of its “Ag News and Brews” nights on Monday, May 6. Although this event is intended for adults, the Meagher County MSU Extension will be hosting an activity with a heavy focus on children later in the week. On Wednesday, May 8, Makayla Paul, the local MSU Extension Agent, will be holding a safety event for children of the local school, as well as any interested children of the county. Dubbed “Progressive Farm Safety Day, “ the activity will cover the basics of safely navigating a farm and ranch. From features with animals and other interactive material, the children will learn how to evade danger in day-to-day farm and ranch tasks that they may encounter in the future. The Progressive Farm Safety Day, organized by the MSU Extension of Meagher County, will be held at the 4H Barn at the rodeo grounds within White Sulphur Springs. Running from 12:30 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. on Wednesday, May 8, preschool to fourth-grade students from the White Sulphur Springs School District will have the chance to participate in agriculture safety activities. Homeschool students are welcome at the event as well, but must RSVP to Makayla Paul at 406-590-7529. All students are required to have a signed waiver from a guardian or parent to participate. The Meagher County MSU Extension is taking proactive steps to ensure the safety and education of its community members, particularly the youth. Through engaging and informative events like the "Ag News and Brews" and "Progressive Farm Safety Day," they are fostering a culture of safety and preparedness in both the present and future agricultural community. These efforts underscore a vital investment in the sustainable development and security of the local agricultural sector.