Revitalizing Rural Health
Mountainview Medical Center features an important rehabilitation program.
Considering the rural location of Meagher County, healthcare and supplementary programs can pose an issue for residents. Now, as the Mountainview Medical Center is in the process of constructing its new and streamlined facility with added rural benefits, it is important to note one of many distinctive programs already available to White Sulphur Springs citizens and those surrounding areas. A cardiac rehabilitation program is available through Mountainview Medical Center for the local community and nearby individuals. Through the program, participants are coached through lifestyle changes and medical therapy to achieve numerous heart-healthy benefits. With the cardiovascular system supporting the major upholders of life, the heart plays a role in the circulation of essential substances, transportation of oxygen, blood pressure, and many other important purposes. A cardiac rehabilitation program most often consists of five main components. These include regular exercise, nutrition changes, stress reduction, supervised medical therapy, and non-smoking/drinking habits. These five components are intended to lead participants of high cardiovascular risk into a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle to extend their lifespan. Through rehabilitation, individuals are expected to lower the chances of a second heart attack, reduce anticipated mortality, find a strong sense of weight management, decrease chest pain, lessen the need for select medications, and stabilize risk factors such as high cholesterol and/or blood pressure. According to the National Institutes of Health, adults residing in rural areas of the United States have a 19% increased risk of developing heart failure in comparison to those living in more densely populated areas. Supplemented with data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, risk factors, including those that contribute to adverse cardiac events, are likely heightened by lifestyle trends such as poor diets, lack of screening opportunities, and decreased physical activity. The expansion of Mountainview Medical Center and its already present cardiac rehabilitation program is a significant step forward in addressing the healthcare needs of Meagher County's rural population. The program's comprehensive approach to lifestyle modification and medical therapy is poised to offer substantial benefits to individuals at risk of cardiovascular diseases. Those interested in the local Cardiac Rehabilitation program should contact Tressa Blair at 406-547-6735. For rural communities like White Sulphur Springs, access to healthcare can present unique challenges. However, specialty programs such as the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program showcase a commitment to improving vital services. Ongoing efforts to enhance healthcare infrastructure and promote healthy living are crucial in reducing health outcome disparities between rural and urban areas.