Protecting the Big Sky
Learn to safeguard your finances in the digital age.
This week, the Meagher County Community Center is reaching out to the seniors of the community to provide information on generalized resources through the Rocky Agency on Aging. However, the Community Center is not just stopping there. Instead, into next week, the center is continuing to host targeted informational seminars to better the well-being of all citizens. This time, though, guidance on finances will be offered. On Tuesday, March 12, Troy Downing, Montana CSI (Commissioner of Securities and Insurance), will be introducing topics to aid in local citizens’ financial safety and defense against scams. As part of the CSI’s spring tour, The session will educate attendees on the basics of online and virtual safety to safeguard their financial and personal information. In the day and age of advanced technology, it has become increasingly difficult for individuals to properly protect personal information. Although all age groups are susceptible to information theft, senior demographics are especially noted as being a vulnerable group. By learning more information on how and why financial information may be stolen, all citizens (including seniors, investors, and consumers) may make more informed and careful steps to protect themselves. The Montana CSI’s session at the Meagher County Community Center, titled, “Protecting the Big Sky,” will be the program’s first stop on its Spring Tour. Other locations throughout the Treasure State will be visited throughout the coming months. As scams become more prevalent, the information provided could prove invaluable to attendees. The tour's expansion to other locations in Montana over the coming months reflects the broad relevance and critical nature of the topic at hand. All in all, the "Protecting the Big Sky" seminar at the Meagher County Community Center is part of a broader effort to educate the public on financial safety. With the prevalence of online scams, this session provides an opportunity for citizens to learn essential strategies for protecting personal and financial information. The seminar, led by Montana CSI, aims to deliver practical advice applicable to everyday situations. Everyone in the community is invited to attend on Tuesday, March 12 at 10 a.m. to gain insights into maintaining their financial security in an increasingly digital world.