Mindful Matters
Student collaborates with Montana Mindfulness Project to bring an educational workshop to the local school.
As the school year winds down, the White Sulphur Springs School is still full of life and activities to carry its students successfully throughout the rest of the year. The school and its administration have become increasingly supportive of mental health initiatives within the past few years and continue to uphold extracurricular activities and programs for the betterment of its students. The White Sulphur Springs School had the privilege of hosting an educational workshop last week, organized by the Montana Mindfulness Project (MMP). This initiative was inspired by Sheila Hamlen's experience with the Red Ants Pants Girls Leadership Program, and it aimed to benefit both youth and educators by enhancing their focus, emotional management, and sense of joy. The community was cordially invited to a special workshop on May 1st, held in the school library, as part of the broader Montana Mindfulness Workshop series. This event was brought to the institution by Sheila Hamlen in collaboration with the Montana University Extension, and it was free for everyone to attend. The workshop was conducted by experts Margaret Kachadurian and Danielle Nicholas, who taught participants practical mindfulness skills that can be applied in everyday life. The session, which lasted from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., was designed to benefit individuals across various age groups. Overall, the workshop was a valuable learning experience for all who attended, and it provided a safe and welcoming space for participants to learn and grow. The White Sulphur Springs School has stated its joy to have hosted such an important event and looks forward to collaborating with the Montana Mindfulness Project and other similar mental well-being initiatives in the future. The mindfulness workshop at White Sulphur Springs School, facilitated by the Montana Mindfulness Project in collaboration with the Montana University Extension, is intended to have a notably positive influence on the student body. The expertise provided by Margaret Kachadurian and Danielle Nicholas offered practical mindfulness techniques, which students can integrate into their daily routines, potentially enhancing their academic performance and overall well-being. This initiative underscores the value of educational programs focused on mental health and personal development in all ages. Photo via Montana Mindfulness Project Instagram (@montanamindfulnessproject).