Conestoga for the Community
Campground gears up for 2nd Annual Community Yard Sale.
The Conestoga Campground and RV Park is a popular destination during the summer months, attracting a large number of tourists who prefer it over other temporary accommodations. Conveniently located in White Sulphur Springs, Conestoga is centrally positioned between Glacier and Yellowstone Parks, making it an ideal place to stay. While primarily catering to tourists, the Conestoga Campground and RV Park remain an active part of the Meagher County community. Next week, Conestoga will host a community-wide sale for area residents. The Conestoga Campground and RV Park offer numerous amenities to visitors, including pull-thru campsites, a recreational room, a small playground, a dog park, and a gift shop. Additionally, the spacious grounds serve as a venue for community events. In the fall, the campground hosts the Meagher County Fall Festival, featuring activities for residents of all ages. The business also showcases items from local stores and shops, further solidifying its status as a community-oriented establishment. Extending its community engagement during the bustling summer season, Conestoga Campground and RV Park will hold its 2nd Annual Community Yard Sale. This event will take place on Saturday, July 13, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., providing locals with an opportunity to redistribute their items to both residents and visitors of the popular RV Park. The Community Yard Sale will feature booths approximately 20 feet by 20 feet for those selling items. Merchandise is recommended to be new, used, or repurposed, ensuring a diverse array of items for sale. Booth spaces will cost $15. Individuals interested in reserving a space at the sale may contact (406) 547-3890. The Conestoga Campground and RV Park stands out as a premier summer destination for tourists, thanks to its prime location between Glacier and Yellowstone Parks. Not only does it offer a range of amenities, but it also plays a vital role in the Meagher County community. Hosting events such as the Meagher County Fall Festival and the upcoming 2nd Annual Community Yard Sale, Conestoga continues to foster community spirit and provide a welcoming space for both locals and visitors alike. Photo via Conestoga Campground & RV Park Facebook Page.