Connecting Care
Mountainview Medical Center is reaching into the community to explain remote services.
Mountainview Medical Center is the main local health hub for residents of the region. Offering as many services and programs as possible to the rural area, the Mountainview Medical Center is in the process of building its new and improved healthcare facilities. Presently, however, the medical center is focusing on informing individuals of services currently available through the clinic. At present, the Mountainview Medical Center currently provides the categories of acute care, behavioral mental health, chiropractic clinic services, diagnostic imaging, emergency room, eye clinic, laboratory services, long-term care, physical therapy, podiatry, swing bed, and telemedicine care. Many of the above programs have been made possible through the efforts of the Mountainview Medical Center Foundation, whose main initiative is to secure financial support that will enable the hospital to enhance equipment, invest in advanced technology, and ensure the delivery of premium health care services to all residents and visitors of Meagher County. Focusing on telehealth opportunities for the area it serves, the Mountainview Medical Center will be hosting an informational presentation at the Meagher County Community Center. On Thursday, May 23, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., representatives from the medical center will be overviewing available telemedicine services. Considering the rural location of Meagher County, telehealth has the potential to ease some of the burdens placed on residents forced to travel to seek medical advice and care. Although the warmer season is upon the region, the Montana weather, especially in the winter months, can pose a significant source of anxiety and trouble for those in need of medical appointments. Thus, the Mountainview Medical Center’s telemedicine programs mitigate the need for unnecessary travel. Mountainview Medical Center serves as the principal healthcare provider for the region's residents, striving to offer a comprehensive range of services and programs. The center is currently enhancing its facilities to better serve the community's needs. In the interim, it is essential to highlight the array of medical services available, such as telemedicine programs. By leveraging technology, the center is addressing the unique challenges faced by the community, particularly the difficulties of traveling for medical care. This initiative not only highlights the center's dedication to innovation but also its commitment to ensuring that all residents have the opportunity to receive prompt and efficient medical consultations, regardless of the season or weather conditions.