Community Spirit Shines
Meagher County 4-H Gives Back During Fourth of July Festivities
With the week of the Fourth of July in full swing, several community programs and events are set to be held in the coming days. From the annual Bank of the Rockies Parade to Martha Chapter #11’s Baked Beans and Baked Goods sale, there are numerous activities for visitors and locals to enjoy. Tonight, July 3, Meagher County 4-H members held an event to give back to their community amidst the patriotic celebrations. 4-H is a youth development organization that provides hands-on learning in various fields to help young people develop lifelong leadership and essential life skills, enabling them to become active, contributing members of their communities. While many young members of the community are simply enjoying their summer break, students involved in 4-H are participating in community initiatives and preparing unique projects for the upcoming 4-H fair, set to be held on July 15-18. In anticipation of the local fair, many members of the local Maverick 4-H Club gathered today to host a special barbecue. At no cost, the youth organization invited all community members to join them for a meal at Joanna’s Park from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Allie Lester, an active 4-H member and club secretary, described the event's purpose best: “to thank the community and give back.” Lester explained that individuals involved in 4-H are required to complete three community service projects as part of their active membership. The club offers several opportunities for members throughout the year to get involved, such as highway cleanups, helping with flags for Memorial Day, the community barbecue, and more—all with the intention of giving back to the community that supports the 4-H organization. 4-H requires community support to continue its legacy of giving youth a catalyst for life skills and problem-solving techniques. The annual Meagher County 4-H Fair and Sale’s success is contingent upon buyer participation, especially by local businesses and charitable individuals. Additionally, youth programs utilized by the 4-H members can require added funding, such as the 4-H Congress. This year, nine local 4-H members will participate in the event in Bozeman, with three older leaders (Allie Lester, Shiela Hamlen, and Abigail Britt) representing the region as County Ambassadors. All in all, the annual Meagher County 4-H Community Barbecue has allowed members to thank the individuals who have supported them throughout their time as 4-H youth. The event was well attended, both by 4-H members and supportive local individuals. As the Fourth of July celebrations continue, the 4-H event offers a true picture of the patriotic colors of Meagher County, future leaders, and charitable appreciation.