A Step Back in Time
Speaker to present on Meagher County ghost town at the Castle Museum.
Perched majestically on a hilltop, The Castle is a stunning Victorian mansion built in 1892 by the esteemed businessman Byron Roger Sherman. This imposing granite structure has become a cherished landmark in White Sulphur Springs, offering visitors a captivating glimpse into the past. The Castle is open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with the last tour commencing at 4:00 PM. The museum welcomes visitors from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day, providing an enriching experience for all ages. Admission charges are as follows: adults $7, children (ages 5-12) and seniors (60+) $5, children (4 and under) are free, and prearranged group tours (10 or more) $5 per person. Managed by the Meagher County Historical Association, the Castle serves as a museum, meticulously furnished with antiques and memorabilia donated by local residents. The collection spans a wide array of items, from household artifacts to mining equipment, and even includes an impressive assortment of buggies and wagons. With the unique displays, the museum gives a generalized picture of the past of Meagher County, allowing visitors to grasp the rich history of the region and the generational families still in residence. In the summer, the Meagher County Historical Association meets annually. Topics at meetings include news about the Castle, but also present niche historical subjects pertinent to Meagher County. This Sunday, July 7, at 2:00 p.m., the Meagher County Historical Society will host its annual meeting, along with guest speaker, Rick Berg. Berg will share his knowledge on one of Meagher County’s older landmarks, the town of Castle. Castle Town, or at least its remains, are nestled in the Castle Mountains located near Martinsdale. The ghost town rests at an elevation of 5,987 feet. Castle Town, or alternatively “Castle City” was first settled in 1887 during the silver mining rush that was occurring during this period. Castle Town, at its peak, was home to 2000 plus people. A whopping amount of saloons (fourteen) were located in the small town, along with a slew of businesses, including seven brothels and numerous trading posts. Berg will share an in depth discussion of Castle Town’s history during his guest presentation to the Historical Association audience. Those interested in joining the Meagher County Historical Association as a member, learning more about the region’s history, and further supporting the Castle Museum may contact the museum directly at (406) 547-2324.