Rural Renewal
Free voucher program sparks spring cleaning in local residents.
Although Earth Day was celebrated last month, White Sulphur Springs continues its commitment to environmental cleanliness for the rural area. With spring in full swing, many families took advantage of dump vouchers for a day of spring cleaning. With the City’s Clean Up Day, residents were offered a free voucher for one load at the local garbage transfer waste site. From 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 4, residents could utilize a voucher provided by the City Council of White Sulphur Springs and Meagher County Commissioners to unload a variety of trash items at the local disposal waste site. The vouchers were given out all week at the City Hall and Clerk and Recorder’s Office in preparation for the event. With the regulations set in place by the Meagher County Commissioners and the White Sulphur Springs City Council, each place of residence was eligible for one Clean Up Day Voucher. The voucher allowed for a single full-size trailer or equivalent pickup load of waste. Although intended to aid in the disposal of waste, select items were not allowed at the site. These included objects such as household trash, construction material, liquid paint, batteries, antifreeze, Freon-containing items, and oil. Some examples of commodities accepted at the waste site were dry paint, washers, dryers, TVs, and mattresses. Additionally, the City also offered an opportunity for citizens to dispose of unpainted wood, branches, brush, and pallets with no required voucher at the burn pile. All in all, the Clean Up Day event in White Sulphur Springs offered an opportunity for rural residents to dispose of waste in an organized manner at a lessened cost. The provision of vouchers by the City of White Sulphur Springs and Meagher County Commissioners facilitated this process, aiming to address waste management within the immediate community and surrounding areas effectively. Such initiatives are designed to support the maintenance of the local environment, reflecting an approach that encourages community participation in tidiness efforts and a cleaner area for visitors and locals alike to enjoy.