Trailblazing Wellness
Stone Temple Fitness to host 2024 Trail Run Trifecta.
Stone Temple Fitness and Spa in White Sulphur Springs has become a hub for community fitness and well-being. From adult education classes to services such as massages, the local fitness center has maintained its status as an important location for locals and county visitors alike. This summer, Stone Temple Fitness is once again organizing its trail run series, providing an opportunity for individuals of all ages to participate in outdoor races. In the summer of 2023, the fitness center’s “Trail Run Trifecta” attracted numerous participants for each race. Hosted in the aesthetic Castle Mountains, the venue for the event not only sports a challenging course but also an enjoyable Montana view. The trails, although in a mountainous area, are family-friendly, with distances ranging from 3 miles to 6.5 miles each. The Stone Temple Fitness Trail Run Trifecta events will all start at the same point but differ in length. The first trail run, Wapiti Peak Trail, on Saturday, July 13, is approximately 3.2 miles, with an elevation gain from 5740 to 6350 feet. Next, on Saturday, August 3, competitors will be challenged on the Fourmile Trail, estimated 4.8 miles in length, and ranging between 5750 to 6700 ft in elevation. Lastly, the trifecta will finish out on Saturday, August 27 with Horse Park Trail, the longest race in the Stone Temple Fitness event. The Horse Park Trail is 6.2 miles and the elevation spans from 5750 to 6650 feet. All races in the Stone Temple Fitness Trail Run Trifecta contain water stations and first aid stops to ensure the safety of competitors. Prizes and swag bags will be available for all participants. Individuals can choose to sign up for all three races or just one of the events. Stone Temple Fitness provides both competitive and open heats to accommodate different levels of fitness. Those interested in signing up for the 2024 Stone Temple Fitness Trail Run Trifecta can find more information at or by visiting or calling the fitness center’s location in White Sulphur Springs.