Yee-Haw, Aloha
White Sulphur Springs gears up for a unique Fourth of July Parade.
With June quickly passing and the summer solstice already passed, the Fourth of July is approaching rapidly. Along with the patriotic holiday comes a long list of activities within Meagher County. One of the most popular annual events is the Fourth of July Parade, and the theme for this year has just been announced. The Fourth of July Parade is hosted on the morning of the holiday on Main Street of White Sulphur Springs. The parade is hosted by the local Bank of the Rockies branch with the prize money for the float categories donated by the Meagher County Chamber of Commerce. The parade has become a tradition for many local businesses and organizations to participate in, along with families lining the street to observe and collect candy. The theme for the 2024 Fourth of July Parade is ‘Yee-Haw, Aloha.’ The unique theme provides participants with a fun basis for their decorations and also offers the chance for prize money based on those who utilize the concept. This year, three categories are up for grabs, judged both by the public and a separate committee. The classes of Best Use of Theme and Best Car will offer up prize money to the winning floats. Additionally, judged by attendees, a People’s Choice prize will be given. Ballots will be available at Twin Sisters Trading Co., Town Pump, and Bank of the Rockies for the award. To be eligible to win the prize money, floats must be registered before the parade and receive a number during the line-up process. This year the Yee-Haw, Aloha parade will begin at 11:00 a.m. The floats and participants will line up and register at 10:00 a.m. behind the Mountain View Co-Op. The upcoming Fourth of July Parade in White Sulphur Springs promises to be a vibrant and engaging event, celebrating both community patriotism and creativity. The 'Yee-Haw, Aloha' theme offers a unique opportunity for participants to showcase their ingenuity while fostering a sense of unity and tradition within Meagher County. Attendees and participants alike can look forward to a memorable celebration filled with fun and festivity. Photo via Meagher County Chamber of Commerce on Instagram (@visitmeaghercounty).