Sweet Creativity Unleashed
Jawbone to host more Ladies' Night fun.
The Jawbone establishment on Main Street of White Sulphur has become a well-known business. Locals and visitors alike frequent the cocktail lounge and eatery for the upscale atmosphere in the rural region. With specialty drinks and meals, the Jawbone continues to appeal to a diverse array of patrons. Now, the Jawbone is continuing its streak of hosting unique event nights with a delectable DIY night. On Wednesday, May 22, the Jawbone will host a Do It Yourself Cookie Decorating Night. Starting at 6:00 p.m., attendees will be given the opportunity to socialize and simultaneously create their own delicious designs. The Jawbone has hosted similar events in the past, with their How to Charcuterie Ladies’ Night in April, which was a popular and tasty hit amongst its participants. With featured events combining enjoyable hands-on activities and lessons, the Jawbone’s specialty evenings have become sought-after by the local crowd. The activity will be hosted and guided by Cozy Cottage Cookies. Based out of Missoula, the small cookie business is owned and operated by Maggie Barfuss. Noted for the distinctive and intricate custom designs of their baked delicacies, Cozy Cottage Cookies will provide a cookie kit to participants. With five cookies and four different colors of icing included, the attendees will have the creative liberty to produce their own unique works of edible art. The Jawbone’s DIY Cookie Decorating Night on May 22 requires interested individuals to email amber@thejawbonegroup.com to reserve a spot. The fee for the cookie decorating night is $45 and includes the cookie kit, a demonstration of the decorating, and a welcome drink. In summary, the Jawbone's upcoming Do It Yourself Cookie Decorating Night promises to be an engaging and flavorful experience for those looking to explore their culinary creativity with an added hint of socialization. With a history of successful events, the establishment continues to offer unique experiences to the community. The collaboration with Cozy Cottage Cookies brings forth an evening filled with expert guidance and the joy of creating personalized treats. Interested parties are encouraged to secure their spots promptly for the Ladies’ Night event.